Trattoria Monti, Roma

Trattoria Monti, Rome


I discovered this small, Roman trattoria, run by the Camerucci family, back in 2002 after reading positive reviews online. The food and the service were equally wonderful, and so on another trip over 6 months later, I returned. To my amazement, Enrico and Daniele, the brothers who serve as hosts and waiters welcomed me warmly and remembered me so clearly that I had to wonder whether they’d had any customers since my last visit! Fourteen years and countless visits later, the boys refer to me as their “red headed fratello” (brother), and the chef, Signora Camerucci leaves her station in the kitchen to greet me enthusiastically. Rounding out the staff are the cheerful team of Barbara and Zeljan, both of whom seem like members of an extended family. I have introduced many of my Italian and American friends to Monti and have “ordered” dozens of people who’ve asked me for a good restaurant recommendation in Rome not to miss this place!  Make a reservation so you won’t be disappointed, and tell them that Matteo from San Francisco says, “Ciao!”


Enrico, Matteo and Daniele… I am the “red sheep” of the family!

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