The Empire State… a Night in Gotham and a Day on the Farm

Before my annual pilgrimage… pun intended… to New England for the Thanksgiving holiday, I made a stop in frenetic Manhattan and on a peaceful farm in upstate New York near the town of Coxsackie.  Take a brief trip with me, first eating my way through Manhattan like a culinary King Kong, then down of the farm hanging out with some gorgeous animals.

Two and a half hours north of the Big Apple (or is it the Big Doughnut?)…and just south of Albany lies Lime Kiln Farm… check it out if you are anywhere in the area!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

I’ve always loved fall in those places where there’s a definite change in the seasons, and there’s probably no better place to be than New England at that time of year. The cool, but sunny days and chilly nights, the explosion of a palette of colors that have always been my favorite hues, the reflections of what’s happening above that can be found in any still body of water, and the heady smell of wood fires, damp leaves, and hot cider donuts… These are the things that make me return to New England every October with the determination of a salmon swimming upstream to return home!

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Before Winter sets in, let’s take a last, fond look at the Autumn. All of the photos below were taken in New England, mostly Massachusetts and Hew Hampshire.

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Finland: Helsinki and Lapland

Wales and England, November 2016

Summer Turns to Fall in New England


Summer turns to fall…September and October 2016

Because I was on sabbatical from my university during Fall semester, I decided to go “home” to New England for a few weeks to enjoy the gradual arrival of autumn. I stayed in a rented property at Fogland Beach in Tiverton, RI and from this beautiful home base, wandered all of New England trying to capture it all in photos.

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Road Trip! A Journey Across the USA


My first cross country drive was in summer of 1976 at the ripe old age of 18, and since then I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve driven coast to coast, but I do know that it is over 40. One of those trips actually took me from San Francisco to Texas to Virginia to Massachusetts to Alaska and back down to California… a mere 10,000 miles. Many people can’t understand why a sane person would opt to drive for 6 or 7 days rather than taking a 6 hour plane flight, but these pictures may give you a glimpse of why I crave the open roads. Here’s a compilation of photos I’ve taken along the way.

Let’s hit the road!