About Me


Hi, I’m Matt… and this is my world!

Welcome to my website! I’m a native New Englander who just moved away from San Francisco, California after 29 years, and am now trying to decide where to head from there.

I’m a self-diagnosed travel addict who’s driven coast to coast across the United States well over 40 times (I lost count after 40) and who’s visited 35 other countries so far. I was a professor at Dominican University of California for 27 years and taught courses like Social Psychology, Media Psychology, a specialty course about Natural Disasters, and even a workshop-style call on the Psychology of Travel. I’ve also led 7 overseas study abroad trips to destinations like Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Berlin & Prague.

I love taking photos and writing about my travel experiences and sharing them with people who love to travel or long to travel. I hope that I can inspire you not to put things off until tomorrow and to follow your dreams of traveling the world. 

I feel blessed to feel “at home” no matter where I travel in the world and I hope this website can help you to experience that feeling too. Welcome to my online home! If you’re looking for stories, photos or travel information about a particular place, just use the Search function and you will find anything I’ve written about that place to date. 

Check back often, as I am always adding new stuff to the site. Or better yet, PLEASE consider following my website so you can receive updates when I post something new. It’s easy and will not clutter your inbox! Just click on the Follow Me icon on the lower right side of the screen, enter your e-mail address, and you’ll get an e-mail ONLY when something new gets posted. I’d love to hear your comments about the site, about particular posts, or about anything you want to share about your own travels.