Road Trip! A Journey Across the USA

My first cross country drive was in summer of 1976 at the ripe old age of 18, and since then I’ve actually lost count of how many round trips I’ve made from coast to coast to coast, but I do know that it is close to 50. One of those trips actually took me from San Francisco to Texas to Virginia to Massachusetts to Alaska and back down to California… a mere 10,000 miles. Many people can’t understand why any sane person would opt to drive for six or seven days rather than taking a six hour plane flight, but these pictures may give you a glimpse of why I crave the open roads. Here’s a compilation of photos I’ve taken along the way over the years. (I first posted this photo gallery in 2016, but have made significant updates and additions to it since then, so I decided to republish it now.)

Let’s hit the road, going (roughly) from west to east…

San Francisco from Mt. Tam, Marin County
13 pacifica sunset
Sunset at Pacifica, California
The famous Big Sur Coast of California
Big Sur, California
Laguna Beach, California
Mt Lassen National Park, Northern California
Amazing volcanic landscapes of Mt. Lassen, California
Hiking at Mt. Lassen National Park
Central California
California Hillside in Spring
Along the San Andreas Fault, Central California
Joshua Tree in California’s Mojave Desert
Crossing the High Sierra, California
Crossing Donner Pass on Interstate 80, California
Wild burros roam the streets of Oatman, California near the Arizona Border
Interstate 10 Near Palm Springs, California
Viva Las Vegas!
Along Interstate 80, Nevada
Rachel, Nevada (Gateway to Area 51?)
The San Francisco Peaks, northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona
This canyon needs no introduction…
Outside Page, Arizona
Antelope Valley, Page, Arizona
The Moki Dugway, Utah
View from Moki Dugway looking south toward Valley of the Gods
Just west of Bluff, Utah
Valley of the Gods, Utah
Inspiration for Navajo designs? Southern Utah.
Sunset at the Goosenecks, Utah
Mexican Hat, Utah
The Goosenecks, Near Bluff, Utah
Entrance to Capitol Reef National Park near Torrey, Utah
Heading toward Lake Powell, Utah
Lake Powell, Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Descending into Bryce Canyon
One more of Bryce Canyon, Utah
Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah
Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Park, Utah
Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah
Red waterfalls near Moab, Utah
Redrock cliffs near Torrey, Utah
Along the Road near Hanksville, Utah
Capitol Reef National Park near Torrey, Utah
Just west of Hanksville, Utah
Singing Canyon along the Burr Trail, central Utah
A stegasaurus hiding along the Burr Trail, Utah?
Saguaro Cactus, Arizona
Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas
Glistening winter morning in northern Utah
Northeastern Utah
Great Salt Lake, Utah
A back road in southern Wyoming
Taos, New Mexico
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
Colorado Skies
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park
The Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
Near Cortez, Colorado
Sunset east of Pagosa Springs, Colorado
The Mother Ship over Colorado
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
Christmas lights in Colorado
The Colorado Rockies north of Denver
Kansas, just west of Kansas City, Missouri
The Oklahoma Panhandle
The dramatic Dallas, Texas skyline
Cotton Fields, Texas
Rural Indiana
Kentucky Blue Grass Country near Lexington
Louisville, Kentucky
Graceland, Memphis
Only in the South: Graffiti in a Mississippi Men’s Roomi
Smoky Mountains, Tennessee/North Carolina border
Almost Heaven – West Virginia
The iconic view from Atlanta’s Jacskon Street Bridge, Georgia
Cypress Swamp, Mississippi
Panama City, Florida
Plantation outside Charleston, South Carolina
The Everglades, Florida
Fall comes to South Carolina
Dismal Swamp, Virginia Beach, VA
College of WIlliam &; Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia
Cherry Blossom Time, Tidal Basin, Washington, DC
The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Skyline
Cherry blossoms in Washington, DC
Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania
Amish Farm near Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania
Little House on the Amish Prairie, Pennsylvania
Amish Country, Pennsylvania
Christmas in Pennsylvania
Manhattan from the Jersey side of the Hudson
17th Street, Chelsea, NYC
Lady Liberty, NYC
The Big Apple, heading uptown
Chelsea and the Empire State from the Highline, New York City
Massachusetts State House, Boston
Downtown Providence, Rhode Island
Cranberry Bogs, Wareham, Massachusetts
Fall comes to Freetown, Massachusetts
The White Mountains of New Hamshire
Fall in New Hampshire
Ogunquit, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

7 thoughts on “Road Trip! A Journey Across the USA

  1. This is the road trip, which I would love to make. Although I live in Finland, I have made road trips in Florida few times, Nevada and California. Many years ago, I knew an American owner of a bookshop in Helsinki. He used to spent one month in every state and explore it thoroughly. My dream is to someday drive the Route 66.

    I love driving and especially on German motor ways where are no speed limits. Driving fast is fantastic experience among fellow car drivers. How fast I have driven and how much in my life, You can see here:

    About me.

    How long time it took You to make this road trip?

    Happy and safe driving.


    1. When I make a cross country trip, it depends on how much time I have and which route I decide to take, but generally I take 6 to 7 days to go from coast to coast in one direction. It’s a wonderful experience… but we DO have speed limits! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank You. In Finland, we have also and too strict, I think. Cars and roads are coming better and better, but speed limits stay and in some cases come slower. 🙂

        Happy weekend.


  2. I had to return here once more. Did You know that Finnish people love American cars! I have old post showing some interesting photos. In this post, I have for example photos from Shelby Cobra CSX from the year 1966 having 800 HP! What a car.

    American car show.

    Because You are driving so much, I just wonder which car You have. Three years ago, I sold my Opel Vectra OPC and bought BWM 535 d 3.0 xDrive. Engine 230 kW and Torque net: 630 Nm / 465 ft-lb.

    Regards. Matti.


  3. Incredible how diverse landscape is the US. Your photography is top notch. You have a great eye for photography. I have done my fair share of long trips but coast to coast I haven’t done. It’s the same question people ask how did you managed to stay in car for so long. But then I show the pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventure. A new follower!


    1. I have had friends refer to me as a “road camel” because I can go for hours without a break the way camels can go without water! I really do love to drive, especially on back roads rather than Interstate highways, but I do stop a lot for short hikes and to take in the amazing scenery! Thanks for your compliments and for being a new follower! Where are you from?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am from India, but spent 15 years in the East and west coast of US. I was a road camel too. Especially remember big 5 and state parks of Utah, did that stretch in 6 days. Thanks 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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