No Place Like Home for the Holidays – Preview

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!


I have been very remiss about writing over the past month. First there was Thanksgiving, then a solid two weeks of grading papers and exams and then I hopped into my trusty car and drove from San Francisco to Texas to Charleston, S.C. to Virginia Beach and am now in Massachusetts hoping that an approaching storm changes track and brings us snow instead of rain. If it happens, my friends and relatives may kill me, but I will die happy if we have a White Christmas.

I intended to chronicle my trip east on my blog, but problems with internet connections, some 12 hour days behind the wheel, and the chaos of the holidays has gotten the best of me. So I decided to send out this Christmas message to assure you I am still here and next week I will start to post the whole story of the trip. For now, a few glimpses of Christmas from across the USA on the route that I took.

See you all in the New Year… if not before!


3 thoughts on “No Place Like Home for the Holidays – Preview

  1. Hi Matt,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!🎄

    I plan to be in the San Francisco area Jan 27-Feb 9th. Be great to see you again!

    Conrad from Denver, Colorado




  2. I hope that you have a most enjoyable Christmas and whole Holiday season. Thanks for the travel photos. Loved the feet in the 58-degree water. If you ever want to cool your toes again, in equally warm water, I will let you know when it gets up to that high a temperature, in the San Franciso Bay. I have been swimming there for years, actually, about 30, it is an invigorating experience and certainly appropriate for a once in a lifetime experience, to see if you would ever want more.


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