Not Croatian, It’s Cro-Asian: Dubrovnik’s Restaurant Azur

Dubrovnik is truly lovely, unique, and bustling walled city that can seem overwhelming when the hordes of cruise ship tourists come streaming through the old city’s impressive stone gates, huntung for snacks and souvenirs mostly along the main street, the Stradun. But for those in the know who want to escape the crowds, and who are willing to climb more than a few of the old city’s purported 4,343 stone stairs, a peaceful oasis can be found nestled close to the famous city walls at a charming little restaurant called Azur.


The menu at Azur is not extensive, which is actually a relief when there are so such interesting dishes to choose from. The theme of the restaurant’s cuisine is “Cro-Asian”, an innovative fusion of European and Asian flavors. I came for lunch and started with the pork belly tacos, which were as delicious as they were attractive. But the star of the meal for me was the Cro-Asian Style Seafood Laksa, which is a traditional noodle soup from Singapore. With an amazingly flavorful curry and coconut milk base (not unlike a Thai Tom Kha Gai soup), the dish was packed with fresh shrimp, octopus and clams and delicious noodles. Every spoonful was an explosion of flavors and textures and I could honestly have ordered a second bowl. But I refrained and exited gracefully.

Instead, I simply came back again the next evening, this time choosing an appetizer of a falafel-like, chickpea kefka salad, which was delicious. But again, the Laksa stole the show and was every bit as wonderful as it had been the day before. Azur also has delicious and nicely portioned desserts; I opted for a chocolate and pistachio torte that was up to the same standard as the other courses of the meal.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubrovnik, this restaurant is a not-to be-missed option, but be sure to make a reservation! I saw dozens of disappointed people being turned away. The staff were just delightful and I only wish that Azur would open a little satellite restaurant here in the good old USA!

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