Road Trip! A Journey Across the USA


My first cross country drive was in summer of 1976 at the ripe old age of 18, and since then I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve driven coast to coast, but I do know that it is over 40. One of those trips actually took me from San Francisco to Texas to Virginia to Massachusetts to Alaska and back down to California… a mere 10,000 miles. Many people can’t understand why a sane person would opt to drive for 6 or 7 days rather than taking a 6 hour plane flight, but these pictures may give you a glimpse of why I crave the open roads. Here’s a compilation of photos I’ve taken along the way.


4 thoughts on “Road Trip! A Journey Across the USA

  1. This is the road trip, which I would love to make. Although I live in Finland, I have made road trips in Florida few times, Nevada and California. Many years ago, I knew an American owner of a bookshop in Helsinki. He used to spent one month in every state and explore it thoroughly. My dream is to someday drive the Route 66.

    I love driving and especially on German motor ways where are no speed limits. Driving fast is fantastic experience among fellow car drivers. How fast I have driven and how much in my life, You can see here:

    About me.

    How long time it took You to make this road trip?

    Happy and safe driving.


    • When I make a cross country trip, it depends on how much time I have and which route I decide to take, but generally I take 6 to 7 days to go from coast to coast in one direction. It’s a wonderful experience… but we DO have speed limits! 🙂

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      • Thank You. In Finland, we have also and too strict, I think. Cars and roads are coming better and better, but speed limits stay and in some cases come slower. 🙂

        Happy weekend.


  2. I had to return here once more. Did You know that Finnish people love American cars! I have old post showing some interesting photos. In this post, I have for example photos from Shelby Cobra CSX from the year 1966 having 800 HP! What a car.

    American car show.

    Because You are driving so much, I just wonder which car You have. Three years ago, I sold my Opel Vectra OPC and bought BWM 535 d 3.0 xDrive. Engine 230 kW and Torque net: 630 Nm / 465 ft-lb.

    Regards. Matti.


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